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BE AWARE - Take Action Countefeit medical products kill

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The Be Aware, Take Action toolkit

This toolkit has been designed to help educate and improve the capacity of health professionals to detect, report and prevent counterfeit medical products. Three target audiences are catered for – health professionals, patients and public health advocates.

This toolkit contains:

General Information
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Fact Sheets for health professionals, patients and public health advocates on counterfeit medical products.
Communication with patients
EN | ES | FR
The Internet and counterfeit medical products
EN | ES | FR
You can help keep medical products safe
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Effective advocacy for change
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Campaign postcards
Postcard 1
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Postcard 2
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Postcard 3
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Sample Reporting Form for health professionals
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Be Aware, Take Action poster
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FR | Simplified CH | Traditional CH
Roll Up 1 | EN
Roll Up 2 | EN

A Medicines Checklist poster for waiting rooms and pharmacies | EN | ES

Backgrounder | EN

Campaign quote sheet | EN

The WHPA Joint Statement of Counterfeiting of Medical Products

Multi stakeholder initiatives to combat counterfeiting | EN
30 June 2011

Advocacy, reaching decision makers | EN
June 2011


EN= English
ES= Spanish
FR= French
Traditional CH= Traditional Chinese
Simplified CH= Simplified Chinese

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