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World Health Professions Regulation Conference 2018

May 2015, What are the health workforce implications of WHO resolutions? WHPA side session during the World Health Assembly 2015


Attend the leading international conference on health professional regulation

Health professional regulation - facing challenges to acting in the public interest

Health professional regulation faces many challenges in a world characterised by political, social, economic and technological change. Widespread reform of health professional regulation reflects policy initiatives by many governments to ensure sustainable, efficient and effective health service delivery. But what are the implications, and how do we ensure the publicís best interests are met?

Scheduled to run over 1.5 days, immediately before the World Health Organizationís World Health Assembly in Geneva, the fifth World Health Professions Regulation Conference will provide participants with insights, perspectives and discussion on current challenges in health professional regulation.

Key speakers will explore the lessons learned from competence-based approaches to regulation, compare regulatory models and examine ways of promoting best practice in regulatory governance and performance.

Be part of the global community of health professionals who are interested in regulation, and discover effective ways of moving forward in Geneva in May 2016.


May 2015, What are the health workforce implications of WHO resolutions?

WHPA side session during the World Health Assembly 2015

An adequate, equitably distributed, motivated and performing workforce represents a critical enabler for the attainment of national health objectives, as well as global health targets set by the international community. Despite representing the main arena for global health governance, the health workforce implications are often not considered when setting public health goals: for example aspirational targets were set for the Millennium Development Goals and within the context of a number of strategies and action plans for various disease priorities, but without due regard to their feasibility and implications from a health workforce perspective.

WHPA reviewed the WHA resolutions generated between 2000 and 2014, and noted the increasing frequency of recommendations that call for strengthening the health workforce. During this period, WHO member states generated 374 WHA resolutions on technical themes: many of them included reference to HRH, calling for the development of HRH policy, data/information, and education/training of individual health personnel for skills enhancement. WHPA together with GHWA, Intrahealth and IFMSA and including the WHO Secretariat have encouraged further debate in a side session during the World Health Assembly 2015 on whether WHO Member States would benefit from improved mechanisms to assess the health workforce and health systems implications resulting from the technical or policy recommendations in WHA resolutions.




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