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World Health Professions Regulation Conference 2014

WHPA leadership forum on collaborative practice and health care and the economy, 2012



WHPA leadership forum on collaborative practice and health care and the economy, 2012

The WHPA leadership forum brings together the national leaders of the WHPA member organizations. The biannual conference better equip association leaders to address issues of policy and health leadership.

This year’s forum topics are collaborative practice among health professionals and the implication of the financial crisis to national and international associations.

During the morning session participants explored best practice examples of collaborative practice to identify the principles and actions necessary to make collaborative practice common place.Two currents of opinion emerged in the ensuing debate. On the one hand, the focus should be on value with health care viewed as an investment and collaborative practice as a means of achieving high quality care, excellence of service and positive outcomes rather than a means of cutting costs. On the other hand, some participants felt that health professionals should face up to the fact that there is a lot of waste in health systems: in political terms, the best argument for collaborative practice is in the greater efficiencies and better outcomes it achieves.

In the afternoon the discussion focused on how can health professionals and organisations maintain access to quality care in a financial crisis and considered the contribution that health expenditures and health services make to supporting economic stability and social coherence. In the current economic climate, some governments are considering reductions in health expenditure. What will this mean for society, health professionals, patients and communities? Read more





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