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WHPA NCD Campaign

WHPA NCD Campaign

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Introduction to the WHPA non-communicable diseases (NCDs) campaign
The global epidemic of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) is of major concern to the World Health Professions Alliance WHPA, because it represents a significant threat to human health and social and economic development. (More)


19 April : WHPA comments on WHO discussion paper on the Global monitoring framework for the prevention and control of NCDs
We very much appreciate the shift from 10 individual NCD indicators and targets to a comprehensive monitoring framework approach.

In several letters and meetings over the last month, we raised our concern not to restrict the NCD strategy to a limited number of diseases, but to include other areas, notably mental health, musculoskeletal diseases and oral health. It is critical to adopt such a holistic approach based on common risk factors. This approach, incidentally, would be equally applicable to communicable diseases.

We are very pleased to see that the new document corresponds to this holistic approach by focusing on mortality as a main indicator and underlining the need of national registration systems to record death and the cause of death. This not only adds value to NCDs, it also allows monitoring and planning for all diseases.

However with only mortality as a main indicator, not enough emphasis is put on prevention. In NCDs, the development of disease is taking place in phases: an unhealthy lifestyle becomes manifest, health conditions deteriorate and end in death. NCD prevention either aims to avoid illness in the first place or to prevent or reduce further progression of the existing disease…
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