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19 January : Health Professions urge continued action on NCDs at WHO Executive Board
Dr Julian Fisher of FDI, representing WHPA, presented an intervention which commended WHO and member states on the UN high level meeting on NCDs and the adopted Political Declaration, but noted that WHPA has concerns. WHPA asked for a common approach that addresses the link between NCDs and social determinants of health, with a focus on prevention, and on factors that influence behaviour and associated health risks.

In addition, WHPA called for a holistic approach encompassing physical, mental and oral health and health services, addressing NCDs’ shared risk factors, the elimination of inequalities and helping to ensure access to health care as a basic human right.
Read full WHPA intervention on NCDs PDF File



21 December : Health Professions respond on WHO suggested NCD targets and monitoring
In an Open Letter issued today health professions have issued a response to the WHO suggested global targets for prevention and control of NCDs and a comprehensive global monitoring system.
See Open Letter PDF File

19 September : Health professions call on Member States to act against NCDs and social determinants of health
Speaking at the UN high level meeting on NCDs in New York, Wonchat Subhachaturas, World Medical Association President, and WHPA representative, called on member states to address both noncommunicable and communicable diseases in conjunction with social determinants of health, to avoid a 'silo' approach to health care. See speechPDF File

UN high level meeting on NCDs webcast (Here)

See 01:21:00 for speech by Wonchat Subhachaturas, World Medical Association President, and WHPA representative

12 September : WHPA Health Improvement Card launched
The world's health professions have launched an easy-to-use, practical guide to help individuals and their health professionals reduce the risk of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs).
See media release EN ES FR
See WHPA Health Improvement Card EN ES

08 September Physical therapists at the heart of the global battle against cancer 8 Sept World Physical Therapy Day
This year on World Physical Therapy Day, the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) is particularly drawing attention to physical therapists’ role in reducing the risk of cancer, and helping people recover from its effects. See article by Marilyn Moffat, President of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy PDF File

02 August : WHPA responds on WHO Targets to Monitor Progress in Reducing the Burden of Noncommunicable Diseases
In a letter to WHO, WHPA addresses concerns about the NCDs draft targets document, particularly its narrow focus on four disease groups, among the wide field of NCDs. With the focus only on cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and chronic respiratory disease the Alliance fears that governments may concentrate only on improving in these areas, detracting from other major NCD threats, such as musculoskeletal diseases, accidents, mental disorders and oral diseases.
See WHPA Letter to WHO 02 August 2011 PDF File

26 July: Open Letter to UN Missions for a strong UN high level meeting on NCDs Outcomes Document
WHPA has called on UN Missions in New York and Geneva for their support amid negotiations on the NCDs Outcomes Document. In particular, WHPA calls for a holistic approach based on common risk factors; not to restrict the scope of the outcomes document to a limited number of diseases, but to include mental disorders and oral health; to focus on equitable access to health care as a human right; to pay due attention to the link between noncommunicable diseases and the social determinants of health; and to strengthen health care systems through a comprehensive approach that places emphasis on primary health care and integrates prevention, specialised treatment and rehabilitation.
See Open Letter to UN Missions PDF File

07 July : 'Health Professionals views heard at IFPMA ECOSOC briefing on NCDs'
WHPA was represented by FDI President-Elect Orlando Monteiro da Silva on 7 July, at a luncheon briefing 'Education, a Key Determinant for Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases.' The event was hosted by the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Associations (IFPMA) during the ECOSOC session in Geneva. Attendees included Geneva-based UN Missions, health decision makers and representatives of civil society organisations. (More)

16 June : 'WHPA speaks for health professions at UN Civil Society Hearing, New York'
WHPA was represented by FDI Executive Director Jean-Luc Eiselé at the UN Civil Society Hearing on noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) held at the UN headquarters in New York on 16 June. (More)

See WHPA statement to 16 June UN Civil Society Hearing PDF File
Watch the UN Civil Society Hearing online (WHPA intervention at 1:45:25)

21 May : Health professions speak out on NCDs at World Health Assembly
At the 64th World Health Assembly in Geneva, FDI presented an intervention on behalf of the World Health Professions Alliance which urged Member States to develop health systems built on a primary health care model, which include prevention, rehabilitation and specialised health services.

See text of WHPA World Health Assembly intervention PDF File


16 May : Health Professions unite to issue warning on global epidemic of non-communicable diseases
The world’s health professions warned today that the global epidemic of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) had become a significant threat to human health and development and unless urgently addressed, the burden of NCDs would continue its dramatic increase.

In launching a new campaign, the World Health Professions WHPA, representing more than 26 million health professionals in 130 countries, declared that non-communicable diseases should be viewed in a holistic way as a combined threat to global health.

Health Professions unite to issue warning on global epidemic of non-communicable diseases | versión española | version française


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