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Media release 29 September: Health care professions ask consumers to identify fake medicine PDF File


Media release 21 May: Regulation a top priority agree global health professionals PDF File


Media release 17 May: WHPA press release on collaborative practice – World’s health professions call for new emphasis on working together PDF File


Media release 21 November: Health professionals unite in WHPA Prague Call to Action, urging governments to ramp up fight against falsified medicine | WHPA Prague Call to Action | WHPA Prague workshop programme PDF File
Media release 12 September: Health professions launch practical NCD guide for everyone to improve their health | version française | versión española PDF File
Media release 30 June: Health professionals unite in WHPA Taipei Call to Action: First for the Asian region
Traditional Chinese version
WHPA Taipei Call to Action | Traditional Chinese version PDF File

Media release 16 May: Health Professions unite to issue warning on global epidemic of non-communicable diseases | version française | versión española PDF File


Media Release 24 November: WHPA Abuja Call to Action: Fight the dangers of counterfeit medicines
version française
WHPA Abuja Call to Action | version française PDF File

Media Release 26 October San José Call to Action: Fight the dangers of medical counterfeits PDF File
Call to Action
versión española
COMUNICADO DE PRENSA | Llamado a la Acción

Press Release 17 May 2010 World Health Professions Alliance calls for increased action against counterfeits
version française PDF File versión española PDF File


Press Release 31 August 2009 Global Health Professions Urge Action on H1N1 Pandemic


Press Release 20 May 2008 International health professional associations present first-ever guidelines on incentives for health professionals
Press Release 19 May 2008 Leaders of the world’s health professions step up their support for professional self regulation
Press Release 11 March 2008 Health professions demand strong principles for task shifting
Press Release 25 January 2008 Registration Opens for Landmark Conference on Health Regulation


Press Release 13 November 2007 World Health Professions Alliance publishes core competencies


Press Release 14 December 2006 WMA and ICN Plead to Drop Death Sentences Against Doctors and Nurses after New Scientific Evidence
Press Release 29 May 2006
World Health Professionals urge FIFA to make the Wold Cup 2006 smokefree WHPA Open Letter to FIFA PDF File
Press Release 7 April 2006 World Health Professions Alliance Commends the Essential Contribution of Health Care Workers Worldwide


Press Release 22 August 2005 World Health Professions Alliance Expands to Include Dentists
Press Release 31 May 2005 Health Professions Worldwide Are Key in Tobacco Control
Press Release 2 March 2005 World’s Health Professions Celebrate Adoption of Global Anti-Tobacco Treaty
Press Release 19 January 2005 Health Professionals and Patients Announce Historic Partnership


Press Release 12 July 2004 Health Professionals Call for More Research and Development of Medicines and Vaccines and the Optimization of Pharmacotherapy
Press Release 07 June 2004 International Health Professional Poll Puts Heart Disease, Obesity and Cancer As Top Health Problems
Press Release 16 May 2004 Health Professionals Issue a Wake Up Call on AIDS


Press Release 27 May 2003 The World Health Professions Alliance urges Taiwan’s acceptance to the WHO as an observer
Press Release 28 February 2003 Main health professions say stronger government action against tobacco is a must


Press Release 04 November 2002 Poor Health Choices are Robbing Years of Life Worldwide Says WHPA
Press Release 29 April 2002
Health Professionals Call for Priority on Patient Safety
Press Release 15 April 2002
WHPA Expresses Concern that Health Professionals are Being Prevented from Reaching Those in Need of Care
Press Release 7 January 2002
Nurses, Doctors and Pharmacists Join in Condemning Human Cloning


Press Release 9 May 2001 Slaying of Red Cross Workers Condemned by World Health Professions Alliance
Press Release 26 March 2001 Antibiotic Resistance is a Global Public Health Threat Calling For Urgent International Action


Press Release 27 November 2000 The Nurses, Pharmacists and Physicians of the World Plead for India to Utilise Only Iodised Salt
Press Release 17 July 2000 Health Professions Speak Out Against the Confusing Messages Regarding HIV/AIDS
Press Release 12 May 2000
Physicians, Nurses and Pharmacists Announce a New Global Alliance for Improved Health




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