Margaret Mungherera works in Mulago National Referral Hospital, Uganda, as Senior Consultant Psychiatrist. She is the current President of the World Medical Association.

In 2000, while President of the Uganda Medical Association, she approached the top executives of the national medical associations of Kenya and Tanzania in an effort to improve the standards of regulation of doctors and dental surgeons in the East African region. As a result, the regulatory bodies were brought together.

There is a harmonized approach to Continuing Professional Development, a single harmonized curriculum for the training of undergraduate doctors and dental surgeons and another for training interns in 5 countries in the East African region (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi). In addition, there is joint regular curricular review and joint approval of medical and dental schools in the region.

Harmonized regulation has improved the standards of regulation and introduced reciprocal recognition so that graduates from recognized medical and dental schools can work in any of the five countries without having to do entry examinations. Other health professional cadres (nurses, pharmacists, etc) are undergoing a similar process.

Margaret continues to represent the Uganda Medical Association on the regulatory body for doctors and dental surgeons in Uganda and chairs the Ethics and Discipline Committee.


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