World Health Professions
Regulation Conference 2014

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Geneva, Switzerland


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Geneva, Switzerland

Media release 21 May: Regulation a top priority agree global health professionals


The third World Health Professions Regulation Conference will provide insights, perspectives and discussion on current challenges in health professional regulation.

Speakers who are world experts in their field will compare regulatory models and examine ways of promoting best practice.

Here’s what the speakers are saying about the event:

“I think every professionals from every type of health system can gain from discussing what health professional regulation is and sharing lessons from their part of the world. I’m thoroughly impressed by the expertise and diversity of speakers we have.”
Marlene Smadu, Vice-President of Quality and Transformation in Saskatchewan, Canada

A conference on regulation is very timely. There are currently a lot of pressures on health professionals and they have to decide how to react to them.”
Gilles Dussault, Professor at the Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (IHMT), Lisbon, Portugal.

We need to compare and contrast differing perspectives if we are to make informed choices that balance protection of the public with the reform of health systems to address current and future population needs.
David Benton, Chief Executive of the International Council of Nurses.

Those working in health need to look beyond clinical skills and towards understanding the types of expertise that makes adverse events less likely.”
Professor Rhona Flin, Director of the Industrial Psychology Research Centre at the University of Aberdeen in the UK.

The objectives for the 2014 conference are to:

  • Critically evaluate the challenges facing health professional regulation
  • Synthesise lessons from the evolution of competence based approaches to regulatory functions
  • Identify and promote best practices in regulatory governance and performance.
The conference programme will include:
  • key speakers and panellists who are international knowledge leaders in their field;
  • draw upon the available evidence both from professional regulation and wider regulatory practice;
  • provide diverse exemplars and case-studies from across disciplines, geographies and regulatory approaches;
  • include question and answer sessions that seek to identify key points and distil lessons to be learned and or action to be pursued.

The event will be of particular interest to:

  • CEOS, registrars, board members and policy advisors of health professional regulatory bodies
  • Senior government officials and legal advisors with responsibility for health professional regulatory legislation
  • CEOs, presidents and policy advisors of professional organisations
  • Academic leaders
  • Future leaders of health professions and health services
  • Leaders from patient groups

Crowne Plaza Hotel
Avenue Louis-Casaï 75-77
1216 Cointrin
Geneva, Switzerland

17 & 18 May 2014

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The World Health Professions Regulation Conference is hosted by the World Health Professions Alliance