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The World Health Professions Alliance speaks for more than 31 million health professionals worldwide, assembling essential knowledge and experience from the key health professions in more than 130 countries.

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7 November 2019
16 September 2019
6 June 2019
24 May 2019

Latest Statements

WHPA are concerned about the report of the WHO secretariat regarding the involvement of Non-State Actors (NSAs) in governing body processes, in addition to the reactions from member states during the 145th session of the WHO Executive Board. We feel that the increase in the number of organisations in official relations with WHO, and their attendance at governing body meetings, reflects a healthy trend of increased transparency and dialogue on behalf of WHO and in our opinion, should not be restricted.
April 2019 - The World Health Professions Alliance has condemned new laws, recently put in place by the Brunei, which it considers to be inhumane and discriminatory, and in breach of international human rights agreements. The new penal code, introduced in April 2019, imposes death by stoning for adultery and gay sex, as well as amputations for theft and public flogging for abortion.
October 2014 - WHPA applauds the announcement of plans to make Tokyo smokefree in time for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
May 2013 - WHPA's recommendations for an effective interprofessional collaborative practice.

Latest Interventions

May 2019 - Women, children, and adolescents are the most vulnerable demographic population in healthcare. Given the important role that HCPs play in improving access to services for vulnerable populations, WHPA urges Members States to invest in and support the healthcare workforce, of which the majority are women.
May 2019 - WHPA urges governments to allocate resources to develop, implement and monitor WASH standards, incentivise facility leaders to implement these standards and offer continuing development and training for HPs.
May 2019 - WHPA welcomes the report on the WHO Global Strategy on Human Resources for Health: Workforce 2030, and echoes the encouragement given to Member States to report data and approve streamlined reporting. We stress that health professionals are here to help and are key stakeholders in improving quality of care and health systems. We encourage states to work with all cadres of health professionals in order to better understand, prepare and plan for the existing and future needs of their communities and health systems.
May 2019 - WHPA encourages the adoption of the Resolution by the Assembly and would like to stress that regulated health professionals play a critical role in achieving UHC.